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24 June 2011 @ 03:39 pm
Working Girl  
I had work this morning at the Stilo's shop. I was antsy and bored. I finished volume 15 of Ouran and read more of Watchmen. I had a dream last night about a convention. A few of the boys from Love You Maid, the Butcher were in my dream. I haven't spoken to any of them in years. I'm not even friends with them on facebook or anything, so weird. One of them was talking to me about seeing Vanna White have a nip slip when they were to see a taping of Wheel of Fortune. I have the strangest dreams.

I hung out with Bobby last night. We got sushi at Mr. Pi's and then did some shopping at A&P and GNC. Then we went back to his house and watched maybe five episodes of Durarara!! We have three episodes left, one of them being the OVA or something since it doesn't have anything to do with the series other than being a weird wrap up.

Tomorrow I'm working at the country club. Not sure when or if I'll feel like updating tomorrow. We'll see how I feel when I get home, whenever that is. I start at 10. Hope my allergies back the fuck off. I'm all stuffy/sneezey/icky today.

Supposed to see Katie and everyone else tonight since she's in town. Billy and I will probably meet up and do dinner and bubble tea. Actually I have no idea what's going on for tonight. I just know it has to be an early night for me.

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