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28 June 2011 @ 11:33 am
I finally got around to playing video games yesterday. I didn't make much, if any, progress in Parasite Eve. I did make a bunch of progress in Final Fantasy IX. I got through this part that had been giving me hell and I beat the chain of three bosses afterward that were higher levels than everyone on my team. Now I'm on disc four and I'll probably run around to train a bit and buy stuff to do the last leg where I have to face about 15 things.

I also hung out with Billy last night when he got out of work. I went to the diner with him so he could get dinner. Then we got bubble tea, hung out, watched Chelsea Lately and then played some Resident Evil 3. We had another like two hour conversation about that series. It's always amusing when we do it but somehow we managed to keep having long ass talks about it. I got home a little after 2.

I have to pack today and do laundry. Bobby and I are leaving for Wildwood tomorrow after he gets out of work. Not quite sure when he's getting out though.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 8- Least favorite host member
I have to say Hikau Hitachiin whenever he's on his own. He's so bratty and annoying. I do love him and Kaoru together but ughhhhh when he's on his own.

I feel: accomplishedaccomplished
On the headphones: Danny Phantom