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29 June 2011 @ 11:33 am
Vacation All I Ever Wanted  
I've been packing and stuff since last night for my trip today. I still have no idea when we're leaving since Bobby is at work. I also don't know when we're coming back. It'll either be Friday or Saturday. I'll have my laptop with me but Bobby and I are going to have to figure out the password for the wifi. So updates might be scarce for the next few days.

I wound up staying up late last night, like 2:30ish. That's late for when I'm home on my own. I did a lot of work with my music and ipods. I got a dump program and pulled everything off my one ipod and then restored it to put a ton of new stuff on it plus the stuff that had been on it. That took a few hours longer than expected. I also got to watch Covert Affairs last night. I played some more of Final Fantasy IX. I did a couple side quest things and one of them told me the princess's real name. That was cute. Now I'm just kind of training a bunch to learn some new abilities and magic before I go to face the final (800) bosses.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 9- Least favorite character
I already said Renge. I kind of feel the need to say someone else. I think it'd be Tamaki's grandmother. She was an annoying hoe.

I feel: busybusy
On the headphones: Danny Phantom