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03 July 2011 @ 12:09 pm
Lazy Sunday  
Bobby and I wound up getting takeout sushi from Mr. Pi's. We ate it here, at my house. It was so good. We hung out for another hour or so and then went our separate ways for the night. I didn't do much of anything last night except unpack and watch TV. I played a little Final Fantasy IX. I'm in the final area and I fought the first of many bosses. Too bad I suck fighting other things in the place that could give me experience. I just want to skip all that and face the bosses. I might try to run through it later today. That, or I'll just read a bunch today. It's raining. Maybe if that slows down, tonight Billy and I could start our walking route but we'll see later.

Hm, short post due to boringness.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 13- Most annoying female character
I can't keep answering Renge for this but there is another group of girls that bothers me: the Lobelia Girls and all of their fans.

I feel: boredbored
On the headphones: Sakura Kiss