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23 June 2011 @ 01:09 pm
I couldn't sleep last night. I was nervous about my dentist appointment; how much it would cost, how many cavities I'd have, how bad they were, etc. I was in and out all night and I was up at like 5 and I stayed up until some time after 6. I was up before my alarm which was at 9:46. I left for the dentist around 10:20. I filled out sheets of information and then got my teeth cleaned and x-rayed. I only have a small cavity on my last molar on top. Nothing serious and I didn't get it filled right away. I'll wait a little while longer and get it filled in July after her vacation.

I didn't hang out with Bobby last night. I kind of lounged around and did nothing. I was quite tired yesterday for no real reason. I'll probably see him tonight. I'm hungry now and want lunch so I'm going to go do that.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 3- Favorite Male Character (other than Host Club memebers)
I really like Nekozawa or Satoshi Morinozuka.


It's so small and I couldn't get other images to work or they were too big but this is Satoshi, Mori's brother.
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22 June 2011 @ 03:13 pm
I went out to dinner at Mr. Pi's with my parents last night. That's really all I did. I watched an episode of Ao no Exorcist. I have two more until I'm caught up. I also read another volume of Dogs: Bullets and Carnage.

Currently I'm watching Franklin&Bash. It's awesome. I can't take Zach Morris from Saved By the Bell seriously yet but I love Breckin Meyer. The dialogue is witty and quick.

Today I'll see Bobby later because he's going to take a hard drive out of an old computer so we can get rid of it at Staples. It's also been a lazyish day. I started downloading the Baccano! soundtrack. I'm also feeling good about myself. It's one of those days where I want to lounge in my towel not because I'm lazy. I did change into a bra and underwear. One of my first thoughts, "Damn I feel good. I need to masturbate." Yeah, I went there. I want to do something productive today but I don't know what I want to do. I might play more Dissidia or Parasite Eve. I want to do more work with my pictures and deviant art. But this all depends on if Bobby and I hang out later. He might have his sister's graduation to attend depending on whether or not it's outside. It's just a whatever kind of day.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 2- Favorite female character (Other than Haruhi)
Ranka! There are only a few females with depth in this series and I hate just about all of them so I choose the cross dresser.

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21 June 2011 @ 06:10 pm
My tooth started bothering me yesterday. It hurt on and off. I know I've had a cavity in it for a little while now. I'm finally going to the dentist for it on Thursday morning. I tried numbing it earlier with this liquid stuff but I wound up numbing my jaw and not the tooth, I fail sometimes.

Last night I finally left the house. I got Billy around quarter to 8 and then we went to Five Guys so he could eat. Then we went to Adam's and hung out with Christina, Pem, Nikki, Stef and Seb. Nikki left before Seb and Stef got there. Pem left to get his brother at one point, probably right after Nikki left. I think Stef got there around/after 10. We watched youtube videos and just talked. Seb at some point. Maybe half an hour later Adam kicked us out. He had to get up really early so we all understood.

I got home and finished watching Baccano! It was awesome. I really loved that series. Firo and Ennis were cute together and I loved Firo overall. I also really loved Jacuzzi and Nice together and on their own. Jacuzzi was adorable and silly and sweet and amusing. Claire grew on me too. He was a strange character and then I learned to like him. I also loved Luck and Maiza. I might have to rewatch the entire series to make complete sense of it but whatever.

Here's the real reason for my post: a new 30 Day Meme! =]
30 Day Ouran High School Host Club Meme
Day 1: Favorite Host(s)
Hands down it's Kyouya Ootori followed closely by Kaoru Hitachiin.
Pictures! Because I can!


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19 June 2011 @ 06:50 pm
AnimeNEXT was last weekend. I can't believe it came and went so quickly. I was Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3. There are a ton of pictures on facebook for those who are interested in seeing me, my friends or other random people dressed up. The album for that one is public to everybody with an account. We all had a ton of fun. I got hurt on Saturday night going to the rave and I wound up not going to the rave at all. I have a huge bruise on my knee that's healing from it. We also got soaked Friday and Saturday night. Friday was after the burlesque show and Saturday was on the way to the rave, hence why I hurt myself by slipping and smashing my knee into a curb. I want to go to more conventions. I know there's Connecticon and Otakon but I doubt I'll get to go to either. NYCC is in October I believe so that's a while off.

Other than that, Bobby's been working. I've been hanging out with Billy, and randomly Nikki, Adam and/or Melissa. I've also been home a lot. I spend my time watching anime and reading manga. I'm trying to finish Baccano!, stay caught up with Ao no Exorcist and I started reading Dogs: Bullets and Carnage. I want to rewatch Ouran. Billy and I have been watching Kuroshitsuji. I need to get my hands on the second half of the anime though. Bobby and I have been watching Durarara!! and Code Geass R2. It's crazy.

Bobby and I watched 5 episodes or so of Durarara!! and I had a dream last night because of it. I dreamed that I was on some school's campus and I was a student there. I was dating Shizuo but I was also friends with Izaya. I believe my friend Amanda from SHU was hanging out with us too. I met up with the three of them in a gym that was full of bleachers for people to hang out on. It was an indoor/outdoor gym so it was a springlike day I remember. Izaya kept flirting with me to piss Shizuo off. I remember having a huge crush on Izaya so maybe I wasn't dating Shizuo... who knows, it's dream logic. There was something with snow and/or a hill and either sledding or rolling down the hill. I remember running to class and Shizuo running after me. I ran through a parking lot and it was warm out. Then I got into a building and took my seat in a darkened classroom and the professor ushers us out. I leave with everyone and we're on the streets of what is supposed to be New York, it might have been one of the quieter side streets. We start wandering to find a building and I run across a street and find the building we're supposed to be in. It's painted a burnt red/orange color with steps leading up to the dark brown door. There's iron fencing along the front of the building. I go up and it's dark inside too. I take a seat in one of the rows of tables. I end up climbing over a table and some people to sit with friends but I don't even remember who the friends were. The professor had a slide show and I got in trouble for talking and laughing. I think there was something afterward that involved driving at night, trees and Nikki V but that's all unclear to me.
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30 May 2011 @ 12:21 pm
It's been a while since I posted and I can't remember the last time I did post or what it was about. I've been doing a lot lately. Good for me.

I've been out a lot, working on my cosplay and trying to help out (sort of) for my dad's party this weekend. My cosplay's almost done and I have some more money now to work on it. I'm going to dye the shirt today and see how that comes out.

So this past Thursday we went to Adam's and drank a bit. I had only what was left of my Mike's Hard Cranberry and then stopped because I was driving home. Bobby got pretty drunk because he sucks at Kings and people always pick him as their date so he might as well not stop drinking.

Friday I hung out with Billy. We beat Resident Evil 0 and didn't really do much else. I was also unbelievably tired since I haven't been sleeping well at all (last night was actually the first full night of sleep I got since school ended).

Saturday was Pem and Seb's summer barbecue. There weren't as many people there as we all feared there would be and we knew just about everyone. It was a nice time. We all kind of relaxed and talked and ate. It was cool. We got there around 6ish and left a little before 1.

Yesterday I went with my parents to the race track. My dad bet on the first two races we were there for and he won almost $300. He gave my mom and me $20 each. I bet on a race and my horse came in first. I won $12.60. I bet on another race and lost. I came home with $26.60 though so that's cool. We went out to dinner and got Japanese food. It was delicious. Then I just kind of chilled out and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I liked it. It wasn't what I thought it was but it was still really good.

And yea.
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14 May 2011 @ 09:18 pm
I'm done with school this semester. I finished Thursday. My professor for the final I had that day brought in fresh chocolate chip cookies. They were awesome. The final itself was all right. Afterward I went to Unique on 22. I bought a new black hoodie and 3 CDs (Live, the Cranberries and the ost of Empire Records). Then I went to Old Navy to buy two tank tops, one white and one grey. Then to AC Moore for T-shirt dye. Then I decided to go to Avenel to go to this consignment shop. I bought a black pinstripe vest and a 40s style hat that's adorable. I saw Bobby later and I finally got sushi. I had been craving it for weeks and it was delicious. Later that night we went to Adam's to see him, Nikki and Stef. It was a chill night and I was okay with that since I had gotten up at 6:15 that morning.

Friday I hung out with Bobby and Billy. Bobby gave me the ipod touch he won at some dinner party murder mystery thing. I had fun messing with that and downloading apps. The three of us went to the Greek festival in Piscataway. It was fucking delicious. I had a gyro, Greek fries and today I enjoyed the butter cookie and baklava we bought yesterday. We got bubble tea too. Billy and I played a bunch of RE0 then tried to decide what game to play next. Yea.

Today I finally got to play some Portal 2. I finished chapter one and three levels of chapter 2 so far. I love it but I so suck at these games. I did my nails today. That's about it. I'm just kind of chilling tonight. Maybe I'll play some Layton or something. Who knows.
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10 May 2011 @ 07:19 pm
The past three days have been kind of insane. I'll just write up what's been going on per day, probably writing the highlights only.

Sunday: I worked at the country club. I was out of it all day. My insides/hormones/lady parts have been all over the place lately and it really fucked me up at work. Also, I didn't really eat much. I was running, meaning bringing stuff out to the buffet and keeping it stocked. That's normal for me though. Well, I dropped my first trey of food all over the floor. It was eggs Benedict and I dropped it on the terrace in front of members. I wound up yelling "Crap!" and one of the men offered to help me clean it up. I shooed him away since he's a freaking member and this is my (messy) job. I brought the trey back to the kitchen and told them what happened. The head manager lady, Liz, was really nice about all of it. She told me that at least I didn't drop it on a member like many of the server's had done. The head chef, Tom, flipped out on me, which was to be expected. I dropped food and had to throw it all out. But I was pretty shaken by it (plus the whole not really eating things made me physically shake). So later, Tom yelled at me again about it and Ted, another chef, yelled back to stick up for me. Tom then tried to yell at him and he burned himself on the trey. But yea, I never really recovered from that little screw up and I was so freaking tired.

Monday: I woke up and got an email from my research methods professor back (she finally replied to the email I sent her on Thursday about the final I dropped off). My final project that I dropped off on Thursday, was missing. I had emailed my professor initially to tell her where I put it and to see if that was the right location. What a bitch, right? I literally broke down crying. That final is worth over half my final grade. I called a friend who I knew was on campus to check the room I left it and to ask the floor secretary. It was no where to be found. I was pretty much fucked. On top of that, after two months of stress blocking it, my period started. I guess the release of emotion allowed it to. The cramps were unbearable and I could barely focus on studying for Chinese.

Tuesday (Today): BEST DAY EVER! Not really ever but it's was great. I woke up after having a weird dream about taking a final all about the movie Thor, which I have not seen. Then I checked my texts and Billy had sent me a ridiculous text of lyrics from a Sailor Moon song. Then I heard from Shawn about Sunday so it's good that plans are made. I signed online and I got an email saying someone replied to the Young Justice fic I wrote in an anon meme. It was the original poster and s/he loved what I wrote for them. It was the best news ever. So I went to school later because I had a final and I went looking for my binder/final. IT WAS RIGHT WHERE I LEFT IT. God, you bitches suck. So I tossed it in the right box and left to send out some emails. Then I went to my Chinese final. My professor had the books I ordered and that was super exciting. I did all right on the exam but I don't even care. Today's been kind of awesome.
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05 May 2011 @ 12:58 am
Last day of classes is tomorrow. I've been watching EverAfter all night tonight. I absolutely love that movie. Which is funny considering I hate the tale of Cinderella in other forms. Oh and the charger went on my laptop so I'm using the shitty SHU one. I hate it so much. I need to find a new charger. Hopefully on Friday I can find one.

I was looking at the actors in EverAfter and clicked through to see what else they had been in. One had been in a movie called Things to do Before You're 30. I wanted to see more and googled it and of course I got a bunch of lists people compiled of things to do before they are 30. Here's one and I've checked off ones I've done (even though I'm 21 and not thinking of my 30s anytime soon)

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26 April 2011 @ 06:49 pm
I guess it's been a while since I last posted. I've been all over the place emotionally lately. I blame my fucked up hormones at the moment since there are some issues involved there but I won't go into detail. It's stressful, that's all you need to know.

School's almost over... ish. I have this week, next week and then two days of finals (May 10th and 12th). Mentally, I've checked out already. I have a paper and a half to finish. I say half because I just have to rework a draft. I'll be getting a take home final at some point also now that I think about it.

Hm... I had another strange dream last night. I remember seeing Izaya from Durarara!! I ended up in like a clothing store he owned up on some bridge/walkway thing over the city we were in. I wandered the store but I think I might have been an employee on my day off. I was wondering around, looking at all the clothes and I stepped on my cell phone, or it fell out of my pocket, either way, it broke the screen in the top left corner. I got all excited because it meant I could get a replacement soon and I absolutely hate my phone. So I began creeping on Izaya again who was at the counter in the front of the store talking to Namie (also from Durarara) then he took a phone call. I think I spotted Bobby outside on a bench across from the store and I left to tell him about my phone and how happy I was. As I walked out Izaya also walked out and he met up with Kida (another character) and kissed him. It was pretty hot and I never shipped them together. I still don't but still, whoa. So I went over to Bobby who was just chilling and I showed him my phone and by now it was even more broken than it was before. I think I snapped a piece off while showing him. Then I got all excited and told him about Izaya and Kida's kiss and I demonstrated how hot it was by kissing him.

Next thing I remember, I'm in a mall. I meet up with Christina and Melissa, I think the latter anyway. We walk around this big mall and we stop at a shop that has jewelry. I found a nice necklace on like brown suede and it was a little silver crescent moon. I loved it and bought it. It was expensive but there was a sale so I ended up getting it for $16. We went through the mall more. I think Nikki B showed up at some point. Then we get outside on the bridge thing and I show Melissa and Christina my phone and Christina has no idea why I'm so ungrateful since I actually have a working cell phone. I think I got sad and/or annoyed and was going to say something and then my alarm went off.

Oh and I won another thing over at manga_character. I won best pose for Riku from Kingdom Hearts. Here's the banner: Banner

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11 April 2011 @ 11:43 pm
LJ is being a bitch to me. It won't load properly and I have to refresh a bunch of times. Anyone else having this problem? When I try to load lj stuff, other things load so yeah...

Saturday night I was bored to death. I played some FFIX but I got angry at it and had to turn it off before I threw the controller through my TV. I also got to watch 40 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 90s. It was amazing and terrible. After dinner I opened up a Mike's Hard Raspberry Lemonade and sat down to watch Mysterious Skin starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I heard very little of this movie and didn't really know what to expect. Holy. Shit. It was so dark and it was such a good portrayal of a really dark subject. Also, JGL was a makeout slut and I saw his butt about 4 times.

I had another interesting dream Saturday into Sunday. I don't remember any of it. I just know the first time I woke up I was trying not to scream and felt kind of freaked. The second time I woke up kind of kicking around and clawing at the bed. I kind of wish I knew what I was dreaming about but at the same time, it's probably better I don't know.

Sunday, Billy and I went to Hoboken for the Castle Point Anime Convention at Bobby's school. We took the train from Metropark and transferred in Seacaucus to go to Hoboken. We got there, met up with Bobby and went to register. Then we got delicious pizza that was the size of a baby. Then we went to the Dealer's Room. We wandered around and I bought Clover omnibus by CLAMP, a CPAC pin, and some stickers (TWEWY player pin symbol, Al's blood seal and the orobourus from FMA). My friend Eric met up with us. I gave him 50 cents to buy the same pin I did. He wandered with us and left when we were buying stickers. Then the three of us left to go check out the manga library. I read volume one of Saiyuki. It was all right. We checked out the game room and met one of Bobby's friends. Then we stood outside and decided to go back to the Dealer's Room. I bought a green apple Ramune and a box of strawberry Pocky. We sat outside and I drank my Ramune. Then we went to watch a few episodes of Durarara!! We watched three dubbed episodes and it was so weird watching it in English. I still loved it but it was weird. We went to dinner at this really good Chinese food place after. I had veggie dumplings and a miso soup plus a bunch of the fried noodles. Our train was going to leave about half an hour later. We all walked to the train station and waited for a few more minutes before Billy and I got on the train. I got home and finished a paper for Western Civ.

Today was school stuff. It was really nice out. Unfortunately, I got a terrible sinus headache on my drive home. I've had a headache on and off all night. I'm also really tired. I'll probably watch an episode of Shiki and sleep. I need it...
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