Oh, it's the 4th

I keep forgetting it's Independence Day. I don't have any plans. I originally had plans to go to my aunt's house but my parents didn't want to go and they were golfing instead. At least I think that's what happened, they haven't said anything. I turned down going to the fireworks just because fireworks don't interest me all that much. I live in a town where there are fireworks every year and I saw some at the country club two weeks ago when I worked.

I started playing the first Spyro game yesterday. I finished it today and I've been trying to collect the remaining gems and dragons in order to go to the final place to get Gnasty Gnorc's treasure or whatever. It's been so long since I've played so I don't remember what it was that you get. Tomorrow I'll probably start the second Spyro game unless I don't finish everything in the first one tonight.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 14- Most annoying male character
That little boy, Shiro I think was his name? He was such a brat. Yeah, wiki tells me his name was Shiro Takaoji.


Lazy Sunday

Bobby and I wound up getting takeout sushi from Mr. Pi's. We ate it here, at my house. It was so good. We hung out for another hour or so and then went our separate ways for the night. I didn't do much of anything last night except unpack and watch TV. I played a little Final Fantasy IX. I'm in the final area and I fought the first of many bosses. Too bad I suck fighting other things in the place that could give me experience. I just want to skip all that and face the bosses. I might try to run through it later today. That, or I'll just read a bunch today. It's raining. Maybe if that slows down, tonight Billy and I could start our walking route but we'll see later.

Hm, short post due to boringness.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 13- Most annoying female character
I can't keep answering Renge for this but there is another group of girls that bothers me: the Lobelia Girls and all of their fans.


Home Again

I was woken up to pretty much every door in the house being opened and slammed shut within moments of each other. That was at like 9:30. I think I went to bed at quarter to 2. Bobby and I spent the morning online and listening to music. I got a bagel from the place next door and it was pretty good. I had been craving one too. We got ready, packed up our stuff and left around noon to get lunch. We ate at Route 66 on the boardwalk. The fries were delicious. I wound up taking half my wrap home and all of my and Bobby's fries. We hopped on the parkway around 2. We were home in an hour an a half. That's crazy.

I got home and read the Observer then filled out an application for Quick Check. I put submitted that like an hour ago, maybe less. I'm just really tired now. I snacked on an ice cream sandwich. Bobby and I might get takeout sushi tonight. Not sure though. I might just eat the rest of my lunch.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 12- Favorite quote
Tamaki to Honey-senpai
"But what does it mean to be strong? Is it something you can attain only by lying to yourself? I'm sorry, but I think hiding your true self-- pretending to be different from what you are-- is a form of cowardice. Don't you think it's important to acknowledge who you are? Having the courage to admit what you love, enjoying what you love, and being true to yourself... isn't that also what it means to be strong?"

Pseduo Beach

I stayed up until 1:40 last night. I wound up being the only one awake for about three hours. I watched half of SLC Punk online. I slept mostly well. I got up at like 9:15 and then went to bed for an hour and a half or so to the Natalies being loud and annoying.

Bobby and I went with his two sisters, one of their friends and his mom to this water park on the third pier of the boardwalk. I tanned a lot. We went on the beach for a short time. Bobby and I rode the lazy river twice around. It was nice and refreshing after being in the sun for hours. We got home around like 4:30. I showered not too long ago. We're waiting for another hour to get going to this restaurant called the Washington Inn in Cape May. I'm starving and there's no food in the house. All I've eaten today was a blueberry muffin, a glass of OJ, a bag of pretzel M&Ms and a cup of fruit. Now I'm having another glass of OJ just to have something in me.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 11- Character you are most like
Haruhi Fujioka like whoa.


Beach Bum

I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. It was really cold in our room. Oh, we wound up leaving at like 3:30, 4ish and got here in time to get some dinner since we were starving. We did a whole lot of nothing last night except finish Durarara!! and drove around Camp May.

Today Bobby brought over breakfast from the place next door. We had to go buy him a new bathing suit. Then we hit up the beach. It was so nice. The water was cold after we had been laying out for like an hour. We got out of the water early because a jellyfish looking thing swam by. Then we saw another. We also saw a ton of sand crabs. It's was kind of cute. We came back to the house and showered. Then we got lunch at Hot Spot on the boardwalk. We also did Old Time photos. We were in the mafia and I was a saloon girl or something. The pictures are cute. Now we're just kind of chilling at the house before we think of something to get for dinner.

Oh, I also saw Aster Road here in Wildwood. Made me think of Young Justice and I got a pic =]

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 10- Best Host Club theme
This is really hard since there are like a bajillion themes. I really like them during the Cherry Blossom viewing early on in the manga/anime. Yeah... I can't think of any. Here are the twins in that outfit.


Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I've been packing and stuff since last night for my trip today. I still have no idea when we're leaving since Bobby is at work. I also don't know when we're coming back. It'll either be Friday or Saturday. I'll have my laptop with me but Bobby and I are going to have to figure out the password for the wifi. So updates might be scarce for the next few days.

I wound up staying up late last night, like 2:30ish. That's late for when I'm home on my own. I did a lot of work with my music and ipods. I got a dump program and pulled everything off my one ipod and then restored it to put a ton of new stuff on it plus the stuff that had been on it. That took a few hours longer than expected. I also got to watch Covert Affairs last night. I played some more of Final Fantasy IX. I did a couple side quest things and one of them told me the princess's real name. That was cute. Now I'm just kind of training a bunch to learn some new abilities and magic before I go to face the final (800) bosses.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 9- Least favorite character
I already said Renge. I kind of feel the need to say someone else. I think it'd be Tamaki's grandmother. She was an annoying hoe.



I finally got around to playing video games yesterday. I didn't make much, if any, progress in Parasite Eve. I did make a bunch of progress in Final Fantasy IX. I got through this part that had been giving me hell and I beat the chain of three bosses afterward that were higher levels than everyone on my team. Now I'm on disc four and I'll probably run around to train a bit and buy stuff to do the last leg where I have to face about 15 things.

I also hung out with Billy last night when he got out of work. I went to the diner with him so he could get dinner. Then we got bubble tea, hung out, watched Chelsea Lately and then played some Resident Evil 3. We had another like two hour conversation about that series. It's always amusing when we do it but somehow we managed to keep having long ass talks about it. I got home a little after 2.

I have to pack today and do laundry. Bobby and I are leaving for Wildwood tomorrow after he gets out of work. Not quite sure when he's getting out though.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 8- Least favorite host member
I have to say Hikau Hitachiin whenever he's on his own. He's so bratty and annoying. I do love him and Kaoru together but ughhhhh when he's on his own.


(no subject)

I was hoping to stay at home and play Parasite Eve yesterday. Instead I wound up starting a book called The Passage and going to Bobby's for his sister's graduation party. It was a pretty chill time even though all her friends are the bitchiest people ever. Bobby and I wound up hanging out with Mrs. Lemmo for a while and she's pretty funny. Bobby also showed me the 3DS with Ocarina of Time. I played a bit of it and we sort of took turns. I got home a little after 9 and just sort of relaxed. I watched TV, including the series finale of Law&Order Criminal Intent. It wasn't as good as I was hoping it to be. I think last season's ending was more fitting for an ending. I also found translations for the Durarara!! novels and I'm excited to read those eventually.

Today I was thinking of seeing what Billy's up to since I won't be around Friday to chill but we're having lasagna tonight for dinner so I want to be home for that (at least I think that's what we're having). And tomorrow I want to do laundry and watch Covert Affairs.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 7- Favorite antagonist
Takeshi Kuze I think. He's the football captain who absolutely hates Kyouya and it's amusing.



I worked a 12.2 hour shift yesterday. I worked with clams, cutting strawberries, pouring butter and brownies/blondies. I was running the buffet in the dining room. I was happy to not be outside or working with Tom. This kid Brian who's a server really like flirting with me. It's pretty funny. The fireworks were nice too. I watched some of it from the dining room window.

I wound up getting two cuts on my pinkie finger and a blister from the knife on my index finger both on my right hand. They all burn whenever I wash my hands. The band-aids kind of restrict my movement. I also somehow managed to lose four earrings. I took out my cartilage piercings and put them in my pocket. I got home and tossed my pants across the room, forgetting they were in there along with two barrettes. I only found one barrette. Fuck.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 5- A character you would get rid of
Renge, annoying hoe. Or even Mei.


Mei and Haru
Mei's the one on the left

Day 6- Favorite episode of the anime
I think I love And So Kyouya Met Him, telling of how Kyouya met Tamaki, or The Sun, the Sea and the Host Club because of all the TamakixHaruhi and another reason that won't be named.

Working Girl

I had work this morning at the Stilo's shop. I was antsy and bored. I finished volume 15 of Ouran and read more of Watchmen. I had a dream last night about a convention. A few of the boys from Love You Maid, the Butcher were in my dream. I haven't spoken to any of them in years. I'm not even friends with them on facebook or anything, so weird. One of them was talking to me about seeing Vanna White have a nip slip when they were to see a taping of Wheel of Fortune. I have the strangest dreams.

I hung out with Bobby last night. We got sushi at Mr. Pi's and then did some shopping at A&P and GNC. Then we went back to his house and watched maybe five episodes of Durarara!! We have three episodes left, one of them being the OVA or something since it doesn't have anything to do with the series other than being a weird wrap up.

Tomorrow I'm working at the country club. Not sure when or if I'll feel like updating tomorrow. We'll see how I feel when I get home, whenever that is. I start at 10. Hope my allergies back the fuck off. I'm all stuffy/sneezey/icky today.

Supposed to see Katie and everyone else tonight since she's in town. Billy and I will probably meet up and do dinner and bubble tea. Actually I have no idea what's going on for tonight. I just know it has to be an early night for me.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 4- Favorite ship

Tamaki and Haruhi