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01 July 2011 @ 05:55 pm
Pseduo Beach  
I stayed up until 1:40 last night. I wound up being the only one awake for about three hours. I watched half of SLC Punk online. I slept mostly well. I got up at like 9:15 and then went to bed for an hour and a half or so to the Natalies being loud and annoying.

Bobby and I went with his two sisters, one of their friends and his mom to this water park on the third pier of the boardwalk. I tanned a lot. We went on the beach for a short time. Bobby and I rode the lazy river twice around. It was nice and refreshing after being in the sun for hours. We got home around like 4:30. I showered not too long ago. We're waiting for another hour to get going to this restaurant called the Washington Inn in Cape May. I'm starving and there's no food in the house. All I've eaten today was a blueberry muffin, a glass of OJ, a bag of pretzel M&Ms and a cup of fruit. Now I'm having another glass of OJ just to have something in me.

30 Day Ouran Meme
Day 11- Character you are most like
Haruhi Fujioka like whoa.

I feel: coldcold
On the headphones: Enrique Inglasis ft Ludacris "Tonight I'm Fucking You"