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Isn't Death Such A Pretty Color?

I'm a gyspy lost in the Twilight Zone

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  • ravencoloredrose
I can be a bitch. I can be sane. I can put on a decent facade when I need to. I'm a mystery and I like being that way. If you want to figure me out, you can try. I like making friends. Don't be afraid or turned off. I curse a lot. I enjoy being a nerd/geek/freak/loser/etc. I'm learning not to be afraid of myself. Other people's opinions never mattered that much to me. I always held myself back. What else do you want to know? Ask. I'm not afraid to answer any and all kinds of questions.

I have a facebook account. I also have last.fm but I rarely use it. I'm on other sites too. Look around, you'll find me. Or you can ask. We can be friends elsewhere too. Here are two options.

Twitter: @ravenroses
FF.net: ravenroses
DA: ~ravenroses
Tumblr: Heaven is Dark

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I can't remember who the credit goes to.